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Natural Gas Fracking Dangers Revealed - Haliburton Loophole Explained

The Haliburton company, a major natural gas industry contractor who's former CEO is Dick Cheney, was exempted as was the entire natural gas industry from reporting toxic fracking chemicals that are pumped into the earth from being regulated in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act or being reported to the public. This is known as The Haliburton Loophole.
This is one of the most agregious examples of government and corporations putting profits for themselves first and foremost, above the safety of we the people. As corporations they have a moral obligation to protect us from the dangers of their operations and also to be responsible stewards of the environment where they work. Politicians also have an obligation to respect and uphold the Oath they swore by in order to hold public office.
Countless politicians including Rick Santorum and John Boehner just to name two: Conoco-Phillips, Haliburton, Cheasepeake Energy, The American Petroleum Institute and all others in the Natural Gas Industry advertise american natural gas deposits as a gift from heaven that will last 100 years. They never, ever mention fracking,never mention contaminated drinking water, never mention the Haliburton Loophole.
Instead they make campaign promises and take out television adds which try to convince us all to drill, drill, drill and use it all up as quick as we can (for the next 100 years anyway) and we will all be saved. In reality this is just another example of short sighted profiteering for a few without real regard to anyone else and without regard to what may happen next.
While natural gas fracking is dangerous, as is oil drilling and the massive amounts of pollution caused by coal, the real danger is that the general public will buy into the natural gas industries less than honest, self serving promises without question or a second thought.
Why is this possible? because politicians and corporations can say anything they want on TV and package it as the truth, meanwhile or mainstream media, defined as news organizations who get paid to tell us the news are not reporting about gas fracking dangers, or the agregious exemption of natural gas companies from reporting the toxic chemicals they use and from complying to the Clean Drinking Water Act, instead, mainstream media reports on people camping out at shopping malls and waiting in long lines to buy Nike shoes and game consoles, Ikea youtube videos, dogs, cats, weather and sports, and car accidents .... superfluous fluff that perpetuates a wreckless consumer society while dumbing us down at the same time.
Real news, that really counts, that really is important to all of us, is all dependent on people like me who don't get paid to report it but still make an effort to rise above the meaningless fluff and share the truth about things that really matter. If i have had your attention long enough for you to read this article and view this 60 Minures Video (one of the very few network stories about gas fracking) then please participate in social media and write, share, and publish information that really matters since the people getting paid to do it are asleep at the wheel.